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Reading Notes: Ravana Leela Part D 13-16

The Ravana Leela by Radha Viswanath: Chapters 13-16 Notes: Chapter 13: This chapter begins with Bramha in a council of rishis. He is not paying attention to the council, but to the three brothers, his grandsons, vying for his attention on earth. He has been ignoring them to test their patience since they have rakshasa blood. He is satisfied after Dashamukha sacrificed his ninth head. But time moves differently to him, and ten more years on earth have passed since this ninth sacrifice. Just as he gets ready to visit them, the rishis had arrived and required his attention. They talk at great lengths while he zones out. Eventually, he realizes they are just trying to delay him from appearing to his grandsons. Brahma knows that soon Dahamukha will sacrifice his final head, and thus die if he does not show himself quickly. He leaves his hall, causing chaos to erupt amongst the displeased rishis.  Quotes: Chapter 14: This chapter goes back to the brothers, who have been more severe in their

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