Reading Notes Part A: PDE Mahabharata

 PDE Mahabharata , VyasaGanga is crazy! Tossing not one of her children, but seven, in the river. "So were seven babes, one after another, destroyed by their mother in like manner."She sounds like a very interesting character. I would like to explore her character more and will probably write a story about her later on. It is very interesting that bathing in her river is supposed to wash away sins. You would think it would be tainted from all of the drowned babies. Bhishma is the son she didn't drown.  (Image Information: River Gagnes, Wikipedia)

Storybook Plan

Storybook PlanMy storybook this semester is going to be over the god Ravana. I want to write about Ravana and his family, specifically his relationship with his siblings, especially with Shurpanakha. Ravana has nine siblings, according to Wikipedia. I have seven siblings, so I think this will be fun to write about because I put some of my personal experience to use. Ravana's seven siblings are: Kubera, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana, Khara, Dushana, Ahiravan, Kumbhini, Sahasra Ravana, and Shurpanakha. For my storybook I will research stories about Ravana and his siblings and will choose who to write about after I find some good stories. I am leaning towards having my stories be all connected, rather than separate, but if I end up doing separate stories I will do one over each of my four favorite siblings or myths. I know Shurpanakha will be the topic of one story, or heavily included in all. I am excited to write this storybook! The goal of this storybook will be to create an interestin…

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My Storybook.

Topic Research: Tales of Ravana: Childhood, Family

Links: WikipediaGeniesFandomComicYoutubeRavananugrahaComic, Rise and FallFor my storybook this semester I am going to focus on Ravana because I find his character interesting. I might focus on the family of Ravana, each story focusing on one key member, or I might tell chronological stories from the life of Ravana as he grows up. 
(Image Information: Ravana, Wikia)

Week 4 Reading: Ramayana Part D

Rama and his allies attack Lanka to rescue Sita. They battle for a long time and are injured and healed. Rama finally defeats Ravana only to treat Sita coldly when he first sees her again. Then they head home and he finally becomes king. And then Rama banishes Sita... after all she did endured for him. Sita goes to live with Valmiki and has twin boys. In the end Rama becomes Vishnu and goes to heaven. "Then Vishnu entered Heaven in his own form, with his brothers, and all the gods bowed down to him and rejoiced.""Then the monkeys advanced in order and swarmed about the walls, flooding the moat and striking terror into the hearts of the rakshasas; scaling parties climbed the walls and battered down the gates with trees and stones, shouting "Victory for Rama and for Sugriva!"The rescue mission led by monkeys.Garuda, healer. "As Garuda came nigh, the arrows fell from the wounded heroes like frightened serpents darting away, and when he bent in salutation and…

Week 4 Reading Notes, Part C Ramayana (EC/LATE)

In this section, Sugriva fights Vali and wins. We learn more about Jatayu and Sampati, the brother birds, Rama gets isolated in cave, Sita is trapped with her kidnapper, the wicked Ravana. Sugriva sends his people out to search for her, and they eventually find her in Lanka.Sugriva, Monkey-KingVali, Mighty Warrior, Defeated by RamaTara, Wife of Vali"But the true and tender Taraheld her husband and her lord,
And a woman's deeper wisdom spake in woman's loving word.Wherefore like a rain-fed torrent swells thy passion in its sway? Thoughts of wrath like withered blossoms from thy bosom cast away;"Vali vs Sugriva "Like the sun and moon in conflict  or like eagles in their fight,Still they fought with cherished hatred and an unforgotten spite,"Jatayu and Sampati, bird bros. Sampati is a good brother:"But when noon came, and the fierce sun looked straight at us, Jatayu fainted and tumbled through the air, head foremost!

Then, full of love and pity, I outspread…

Week 3 Reading Notes: Ramayana Part B (EC/LATE)

"Having performed the watery rites, the wives of the monarch as well as the counsellors and priests, in company with Bharata, entering the city with tears in their eyes, spent ten days in mourning lying down on the ground."This is an interesting mourning method.Jabali the voice of reason, the brutally honest. He said "O Rama, why dim thine understanding with empty maxims?" Rama gets mad but I like Jabli's style. I think this kind of character is important to balance out the dramatic, hero-type.Agastya, jar womb? Ew..Ravana the wicked "Who is this Rama?" he asked, with intense slowness of utterance, and his low, deep voice was like the mutterings which precede the tempest." I like this description. He's a sweet-talker too. "O woman of golden beauty, O shy one in full bloom, robed in silk and adorned with flowers, art thou Shri, or Gauri, or the goddess of love, or a nymph of the forest? Red as coral are thy lips; thy teeth shine like to j…